By: Bryan Hazelbaker | 0 Comments

Fixing a node reference autocomplete field

Occasionally a node reference or entity reference autocomplete widget will not operate as expected, specifically when it is based off a view reference display. Other widgets, the select box, or list of checkboxes, will still function correctly.

By: Matthew Krick | 0 Comments

SASS, short for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, is a much more powerful way to write your css code. SASS allows you to set variables, inherit properties of other selectors, layout your code in an efficient manner and more.

By: Evan Jenkins | 4 Comments

I have come across many times where I need to create a block that has an image, with an image style, as the main content of the block.

By: Tom Friedhof | 1 Comment

Last night at the main LA Drupal meet-up I had the opportunity of talking about how we do things at ActiveLAMP, and some of the processes we follow. The LA Drupal organizers created a new session slot in the monthly meet-up called "Shop Talk".

By: Tom Friedhof | 9 Comments

I have been following the Aegir projectfor some time now, almost 3 years. It’s great to see how far the project has come along, and how easy it is to get an Aegir instance up (it used to be very challenging to install). However, I haven’t really fully embraced Aegir (yet) into our current workflows at ActiveLAMP.

By: Kristen Dyrr | 3 Comments

Recently, we needed a way to hijack all of the links on a page, and add some additional Google Analytics tracking. I was initially going to use some of the methods I had written about in a previous blog post. A lot of time had passed since using that method, so we decided to see if there was a module that accomplished the same task.

Lo and behold, there is now a module that does exactly that. It's an api module that allows you to write a hook that will hijack anything across an entire site, according to a css selector. The module is called Google Analytics Event Tracking.

By: Tom Friedhof | 1 Comment

I've been getting inquiries in IRC and in the issue queue about a module I blogged about a few days ago. The blog post I wrote may have seemed that the module we are working on is duplicating the features module and that we should instead work on the features module. I want to clarify our intentions.

By: Tom Friedhof | 4 Comments

At ActiveLAMP, we have always been a big proponent for putting all configuration for the sites we work on into features. Much like everyone else in the Drupal community that uses features module, we figure out what configurations belong together, and create a feature to group these configurations together.

By: Tom Friedhof | 0 Comments

California's #1 RV Dealership is now running Drupal 7. ActiveLAMP completely redesigned and re-implemented mikethompson.com from Drupal 5. Several months ago we made the decision to leap head first into Drupal 7 development, rather than use Drupal 6 for this rebuild, and we're glad we did.

MikeThompson.com provides an easy way for users to find and inquire on RV's, schedule service appointments, apply for job openings, etc..., however, the real benefit of using Drupal 7 is two fold, it is a great CMS and it is a great framework.

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