Last night at the main LA Drupal meet-up I had the opportunity of talking about how we do things at ActiveLAMP, and some of the processes we follow. The LA Drupal organizers created a new session slot in the monthly meet-up called "Shop Talk".

The idea is to bring someone in from a local shop in the area to come share about how the Drupal shop they work for runs, and share some processes that might benefit others in the community. It was a very TED talktype of vibe, as you only get 20 minutes to talk about your shop and present your ideas, but none the less I think I captured (at a very high level) how we approach and manage code, tasks, drupal, and deployment at ActiveLAMP. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulty, the recording that we took from the presentation did not save properly on the flash drive that was plugged into my computer, but hopefully the slides are still helpful by itself.