The Nation's Largest Alliance Helping America's Youth The Nation's Largest Alliance Helping America's Youth

The Nation's Leading Nonprofit Organization using Drupal 8 to Help our Youth Succeed

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The Nation's Largest Alliance Helping America's Youth

Client: America's Promise Alliance

Founded in 1997 during a gathering of thousands of leaders, America’s Promise was formed to meet the dire needs of children and youth in our country. During this summit, Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Nancy Reagan representing Ronald Reagan, as well as Ret. General Colin Powell, all signed the declaration to lead a campaign to improve the lives of the nation’s 15 million at-risk youth.

What we did:

We were introduced to the wonderful team at America’s Promise in 2015. Initially, America’s Promise wanted specific pages to be redesigned and for the entire site to be moved from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Due to the large scale of the project, as pages were recreated and themed, they were migrated to Drupal 8. For a time, we had in production the website on both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. To the end-user, browsing the site was completely transparent, having no idea they were hitting two different Drupal instances.

In addition to the migration to Drupal 8, we also improved features and functionality, including simplifying content types to taxonomies, using Drupal paragraphs to easily create blocks of content on a page, added a Foundation button to the WYSIWYG editor so that responsive layouts could easily be created, we simplified the creation of new donation forms by using Blackbaud, added Salesforce integration using Angular 2 so that completed forms could be added to their Salesforce CRM, completely redoing the search to a solo search platform, created modals to improve lead generation, and also developed a module that pulled in tweets depending on hashtag and searches, as well as a module for Flickr so that a preview of an album could be embedded on an event or basic pages.

Finally, new pages were developed, including an events page, a 20th-anniversary microsite, and other resources/reports that were previously under were moved over to under the Learning Library. We proudly continue to support and are grateful to be a part of the incredible work they are doing for the youth in our country.
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