Striving to Increase America's High School Graduation Rates Striving to Increase America's High School Graduation Rates

Using Drupal 8 to Help Mobilize Americans to Increase High School Graduation Rates

Brining together research, analysis, and national attention in order to help put young people on the path to success

Striving to Increase America's High School Graduation Rates

Client: GradNation

GradNation is a campaign of America’s Promise Alliance and sponsored by AT&T, Boeing, and Pearson. Founded by Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Nancy Reagan representing Ronald Reagan, as well as Ret. General Colin Powell. The goal and mission of America’s Promise is to improve the lives of the nation’s 15 million at-risk youth. GradNation was created in order to help equip and mobilize Americans to increase the high school graduation rate. With the goal of raising the on-time high school graduation rates to 90% by 2020, GradNation has already done an incredible job of setting a national all-time record of 82.3% high school graduation rate and is on track to meet their 2020 goal.

What we did:

GradNation had many of the same requirements that the America’s Promise Alliance project had. We incrementally updated the whole site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and moved hosting over to Pantheon. We also migrated all content from to their new microsite, giving them the ability to create any number of microsite with one organized place where they can easily manage all content from. We developed the Purl Module for Drupal 8, so that their content editors could simply select which microsite or theme they want the page to be rendered in. Another key feature was working on visualization, specifically by creating interactive maps and pie charts that are synced with their Google Sheets.

Additionally, opinion pieces, news, media mentions, and resources are all now managed from one single Drupal backend and their content editors can easily choose which microsite they want them added to. Finally, State Activation and Community Activation pages were redesigned to provide a better user experience. We proudly continue to support and are grateful to be a part of the incredible work they are doing for the youth in our country.
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