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  • Understanding Selenium -- our first problem

    Understanding Selenium -- our first problem

    Hello again! Now that we have setup selenium on your machine, let’s talk about what value it actually gives us. If you think about it, or if you decide to look up their website, all that Selenium does is it just automates your browser. The tests, the functionality, and the code hookups are entirely up to you. This is structured this way to cater to people who are new to the product, as well as go all the way to the seasoned veteran. You can use and configure selenium to personalize your needs and wants for your projects. Continue reading →

  • Understanding Selenium -- a step-by-step

    Understanding Selenium -- a step-by-step

    In this blog post, I am going to look at Selenium, the tool of choice every QA engineer has in his toolkit. It is a web framework that runs assertions, that answers true or false questions, based on which assertions were used. This gives the developers and the QA engineers a better picture of how the user interacts with a site, thus making debugging simpler and more efficient. Continue reading →