We are ActiveLAMP

We Build Digital Experiences on the Web.

Our mission

We help organizations succeed using digital technology.
We plan, we design, we engineer, we ship software.

Organizations that we have had the pleasure serving:

Software Engineered...

We develop cutting-edge web applications that help organizations improve their purpose. Our team has extensive industry experience building large software projects at scale. Our pragmatic approach to development gets our applications to market fast, allowing for rapid iterations; learning what works and discarding what doesn't. Our team specializes in various web technologies, enabling us to pick the right tool for the job.

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...Auto-Tested, Performant, Deployed!

In todays connected and complex world, consumers of digital content are always online. The software we build has to work, and work at scale. It's this demand that inspires the way we work. We use the best tools in the industry and implement automation that ensures our stuff is "always on". Automating acceptance testing, performance testing, production monitoring, and infrastrucure in a repeatable way is some of our secret sauce. We are a small team that works on big challenges, embracing automation to produce HUGE output, and tons of value.

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