XPRIZE - An educational nonprofit organization. XPRIZE - An educational nonprofit organization.

Pushing innovation with prize incentives

Non-Profit organization that produces huge rewards.

XPRIZE - An educational nonprofit organization.

Client: XPRIZE Foundation

XPRIZE is an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

What we did:

We were originally brought in to XPRIZE to manage the 6 prize sites they had already built on the Drupal platform. Given our expertise in Drupal, we managed these sites for a couple years, and added two additional prize sites in that period.

When the time came for a complete redesign, we took the opportunity to take the 8 individual prize sites, and create one platform that could launch any number of new prize sites. The new XPRIZE platform is built on Drupal 7, and allows a XPRIZE admin to create new prize sites with very little, if at any, intervention from our techinical team.
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