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It’s not all fun and games at ActiveLAMP, but we do our best to keep our workplace as stellar as possible. From process to potlucks, our Company Culture is the cornerstone of our success. By sharing some of our organizational values, business culture, and office antics, we hope to inspire others to have a little more fun at work and do things better along the way.

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  • Scrum Meetings

    Meetings are an inevitable part of creating an awesome product. The Scrum methodology has a set of meetings that were designed to help a team be productive, working on the most relevant, prioritized requests and features first. Continue reading →

    Scrum Meetings

  • Surviving the Scrum Transmutation

    How do you explain the feeling of achievement when you meet a goal you have worked so hard to accomplish? It’s an indescribable feeling that charges you up to aim for and fulfill extravagant aspirations. We have that energy flow here are ActiveLAMP. It’s electrifying! Continue reading →

    Surviving the Scrum Transmutation

  • ActiveLAMP and JIRA -- A Thriving, Efficient, and Productive Relationship

    Last year, ActiveLAMP began to feel the natural growing pains that a company starts to feel when it begins to transcend into its next degree of awesomeness. As the number of projects increased, so did our need to upgrade our system to a hardier one. One that lended itself to scalability beyond what we had at that time. Hence, the search for this unknown system began. Continue reading →

    ActiveLAMP and JIRA -- A Thriving, Efficient, and Productive Relationship

  • Management and Accountability

    Being a manager at a company where autonomy is highly valued and exercised is a lot less stressful than a traditional management position. By sticking to process and keeping lines of communication open, we are able to hold each other, and ourselves, accountable for getting our work completed on time. But sometimes things get a little exciting around here, work piles up, and tasks that may not seem too urgent to anyone but me, can begin to slip through the cracks. Sometimes… I have to step up my manager game and be insistent. Continue reading →

    Management and Accountability

  • ActiveLAMP on L.A. DrupalCon 2015

    On May 11, the entire ActiveLAMP team headed to the Los Angeles Convention Center for DrupalCon 2015. Not only did we gain an immeasurable amount of knowledge, but also an immeasurable amount of free T-Shirts and swag. It was a first-time experience for most of the team, and there was something for everyone. Each one of us learned a great deal, here are some of our memories - Continue reading →

    ActiveLAMP on L.A. DrupalCon 2015

  • Company Culture - Are The Hot Pockets Really That Important?

    In today’s job market, company culture is not usually something considered when searching for employment. Salary and benefits are always at the top of the list, with our ideal career criteria (wish list) after that. Company culture probably doesn’t even cross the minds of most job seekers. Hopefully it is important to employers, and if it’s not, it should be. So what exactly is company culture and why is it important? Continue reading →

    Company Culture - Are The Hot Pockets Really That Important?

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