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  • What's New on WCAG 2.1

    What's New on WCAG 2.1

    Late last year I mentioned on Accessibility Tips for Beginners that a new version of the renowned Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) was in the works. As of June 5, 2018, we have 17 new guidelines to consider and comply to under WCAG 2.1. These new guidelines bring to awareness pain points that people living in this tech-saturated world have been dealing with by focusing on improvements for mobile accessibility, people with low vision, and people with cognitive and learning disabilities. Continue reading →

  • Accessibility Tips for Beginners

    Accessibility Tips for Beginners

    With more than 56 million people with disability in the United States1, why are they less likely to use the web2? There are multiple factors that can go into an individual’s reasoning for not feeling comfortable using the web. One might be that the majority of websites are not created with them mind. Meaning, even if they have assistive technologies, they may not be able to navigate a website comfortably or at all. Even though, companies are making an effort to improve assistive technologies there are a handful of things you can do now that can help improve their experience on your website or product. Continue reading →