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Our engineers stay on top of the latest in web technology, keeping us ahead of the curve. Keep up with us as we blog about stuff new and old... bleeding edge to best practice.

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  • Understanding Selenium -- a step-by-step

    In this blog post, I am going to look at Selenium, the tool of choice every QA engineer has in his toolkit. It is a web framework that runs assertions, that answers true or false questions, based on which assertions were used. This gives the developers and the QA engineers a better picture of how the user interacts with a site, thus making debugging simpler and more efficient. Continue reading →

    Understanding Selenium -- a step-by-step

  • Asynchronous PHP with message queues

    PHP is without a doubt the most popular language used for programming server-side applications for the Web. However, despite its popularity, it is not the best-optimized of them all. In order to satisfy more modern requirements for web applications, we need to turn to other technologies to patch up some of PHP inadequacies. An example of such techologies are message queues. This blog post will give you an overview of what message queues are about, its capabilities and what type of problems they address, and how you can use them in PHP. Continue reading →

    Asynchronous PHP with message queues

  • Where's waldo?

    Maintaining a quality website is a tricky task for both developers and QA engineers. With constant changes coming out every single day and features requests comes in bulk, a website can evolve in every little detail. It takes a meticulous hand to catch all of these changes and it takes extreme control to not allow these changes to snowball the work-pile. The task is slightly reminiscent of the game “Where’s Waldo”. QA Engineers look at the most minute details of every project. They execute plans and tests which help the detail sifting, but in the end, it falls under the watchful eye of the engineer to catch the smallest of the bugs. Continue reading →

    Where's waldo?

  • Why and how to use SVGs on your site

    We recently improved and added several new sections to our site. Throughout the design process, I had in mind the large variety of different browser types, image types and screen resolutions that would be available to view the site. I decided to design multiple graphics in Illustrator and save them as SVG. Continue reading →

    Why and how to use SVGs on your site

  • Adding Functions to jQuery

    jQuery comes with a lot of functionality right out of the box, and even more in the form of plugins, but sometimes you run into situations where the function you want doesn't exist. Continue reading →

    Adding Functions to jQuery

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